At NextSource Cares, putting patients first is our only goal. Our patient assistance program is designed to help uninsured individuals and families get free medications marketed by NextSource Pharmaceuticals such as Gleostine® .

NextSource Cares provide Gleostine® (lomustine) capsules to patients for whom a medical need is established, who cannot afford the cost of therapy and have no other reimbursement options that would enable them to purchase the Gleostine® capsules.

If you or a loved one need Gleostine® and are uninsured, we encourage you to apply for our patient assistance program today.

How the program works

  • Our prescription products are available to patients who meet our eligibility requirements. Currently, Gleostine® is the principal product being administered through the patient assistance program.
  • It’s free to apply!
  • Once your eligibility is confirmed and you are approved, you will receive your medications for six (6) cycles of the program. Patients can reapply to the program should their need continue.

Am I eligible?

It’s easy to find out if you qualify for NextSource Cares Patient Assistance Program. Just answer these simple questions:

  • Has your doctor prescribed a NextSource Pharmaceuticals drug?
  • Are you a permanent, legal resident of the United States?
  • Is your total GROSS (before deductions) yearly household income equal to or less than four (4) times the Federal Poverty Level. (Visit www.aspe.hhs.gov/poverty for information on Federal\Poverty Level guidelines.)

How do I apply?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions above, we invite you to download our NextSource Cares application.


If you have questions about the program and/or your eligibility, please call 855-672-2468 option 2 to speak to one of our Patient Advocates.